Will there be a Season 2 of Three Pines?

Three Pines -- Courtesy of Amazon
Three Pines -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Three Pines left things on a major cliffhanger for Inspector Gamache. We’re still waiting for answers, but will we get them in Season 2?

Amazon brought us a crime drama at the end of 2022. Three Pines told four stories over the course of eight episodes. They were all based on the book series by Louise Penny, with two episodes telling each individual story.

However, the end of the season left Inspector Gamache’s life on the line. The team raced to him, but would they get to him in time? We didn’t find out at the end of the first season, leaving us with a need for a second season.

Will Three Pines be renewed for Season 2?

It took some time, but Amazon has now decided on the fate of the series. It’s bad news.

According to VarietyThree Pines has been canceled by Amazon. Gamache’s life will always be on the line.

This is certainly a blow for many people. The series was praised for its inclusion and writing of its Indigenous characters. This type of writing is needed more on television, so it is a shame that Amazon has decided not to bring more of these characters to life.

It’s not all that clear why the series was canceled. It is likely that it comes down to money—doesn’t everything? Amazon doesn’t release its viewing figures on Prime Video all the time, so we’re left in the dark wondering if enough people watched the show from start to finish. If they didn’t, then Amazon may not want to risk the cost of production on a second season.

It’s also possibly linked to showrunner Emilia di Giorlamo leaving production for other work. Amazon may not have wanted to run the risk of a change of showrunner with a series that didn’t get the viewership it hoped for.

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Three Pines is available to stream on Prime Video.