Three Pines release schedule: When will new episodes come out?

Three Pines -- Courtesy of Amazon
Three Pines -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Three Pines Season 1 is out on Prime Video. Well, the first two episodes are. When will the rest of the season arrive on the streamer?

You can check out the first two episodes of Three Pines right now. This is an Amazon series that’s getting a weekly release schedule of sorts. It’s not quite one episode per week, but it is coming out in a way that’s designed to boost the viewership for the series.

The first two episodes brought us the case that Inspector Gamache needs to solve. We got an idea of the people in the small town, and this was a chance to see if the show would be suitable for your kids or not.

Now you’ll want to know when the new episodes will arrive. How long do you need to wait to get all the answers in the season finale?

Three Pines release schedule

Amazon is giving the new series the same release format as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Outer Range. That means two episodes will come out each week.

We’ve had the first two episodes drop last week, and two more episodes will drop on Friday, Dec. 9. After that, we’ll get two episodes on Friday, Dec. 16 and another two on Friday, Dec. 23.

When is the finale? Friday, Dec. 23. There are only eight episodes in the first season, which seems to be the preferred format for TV shows on Amazon. The season order helps to keep storylines contained without the need of filler content to keep mysteries unsolved for a while.

We don’t know if a second season will happen yet. Amazon will want to see how the show performs before making that decision.

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Three Pines Episodes 1 and 2 are on Prime Video right now.