Three Pines release date, cast, trailer, synopsis, and more

Three Pines -- Courtesy of Amazon
Three Pines -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Amazon has some exciting shows arriving before 2022 is over. Three Pines is one of them, and here’s what we know about the series so far.

We have some great content still to arrive this year. One of the new releases is Three Pines, a new series that’s based on books by Louise Perry. This is going to be perfect for those who love Agatha Christie and the various adaptations we’ve seen.

Alfred Molina stars as Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. He’ll have a case that he needs to crack, and it turns out that anyone could be a suspect. What do we know about the series so far?

Three Pines release date

Amazon has confirmed that the new series will head to Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 2. It looks like the plan is to bring all episodes at once. This is a global release, unlike some of the other recent releases.

There are eight episodes to binge-watch.

Three Pines cast

Molina will take on the lead role. We’ll also get to see the following in main roles:

  • Rossif Sutherland
  • Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
  • Tantoo Cardinal
  • Clare Coulter
  • Sarah Booth
  • Anna Tierney
  • Roberta Battaglia

There are certainly some familiar names on the list. This is not a series to miss.

Three Pines trailer

Amazon has released the official trailer for the series. It gives us the tone of the show, as well as the storyline that we’ll be following. This certainly has a Hercule Poirot feel to it, so it will be perfect for Agatha Christie fans.

Three Pines synopsis

Gamache has a habit of seeing things that others can’t. He manages to crack the cases thanks to this gift, but that tends to mean that he trusts nobody. You see, he will see evil where it looks ordinary to everyone else.

He’s called to Three Pines to figure out a murder. This village seems normal and happy, but it turns out that there are secrets everywhere. It’s time for those secrets to be unburied. The problem is this means his own ghosts are coming out.

The season is based on Louise Perry’s Still Life novel in the Gamache series.

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Three Pines is on Prime Video on Friday, Dec. 2.