Is a new episode of Daisy Jones and the Six on this week? (March 31)

Riley Keough (Daisy Jones), Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne)
Riley Keough (Daisy Jones), Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne) /

Fridays in March have been all about Daisy Jones and the Six. Is that going to be the case this week? Is a new episode coming in Friday, March 31?

We finally found out why the band broke up in the most recent episode of Daisy Jones and the Six. Told across two episodes, we watched as Billy went down another spiral and Daisy realized the life she was living was one she didn’t want.

The ending of the episode left us on a bit of a cliffhanger, though. While we found out what had happened in the past, there was clearly some sort of storyline still to come. Will we find out what happens after Billy knocks on Daisy’s door?

Daisy Jones and the Six is not on Prime Video this week

There is some bad news for fans. There isn’t a new episode of the series on Prime video his week. The previous two episodes were the final ones of the season.

And they weren’t just the final ones of the season. They’re the finale episodes of the series. Daisy Jones and the Six is billed as a limited series. There isn’t any more story to tell.

Of course, we can see there is. We were left with Billy knocking on Daisy’s door after realizing that Camila wanted that for him. What would be the outcome? We see a big smile on Daisy’s face, but is that to start a new relationship or is it just to be friends?

If only we could turn to the source material for answers. It turns out that the book ends in a similar way. Billy finds out that Camila wants him to give Daisy Jones and call, but that’s it. We don’t even get to see the knock on the door in the book.

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Daisy Jones and the Six is available to stream on Prime Video.