Did Billy and Daisy end up together in Daisy Jones and the Six?

Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne), Riley Keough (Daisy Jones)
Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne), Riley Keough (Daisy Jones) /

Daisy Jones and the Six brought us a turbulent relationship between Daisy and Billy. Did the two end up together at the end of the series?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Daisy Jones and the Six finale.

Billy spent much of Daisy Jones and the Six trying to prove that he didn’t need Daisy. Meanwhile, Daisy tried to win this man, sure that there was something between them. During the interviews, it looked like the two weren’t together anymore, but would there be a surprise at the end?

The final episode brought a loot of answers to our burning questions. We found out why the band broke up and who the journalist was behind the camera. We also found out (sort of) what became of Billy and Daisy.

Billy and Daisy may be together in Daisy Jones and the Six

At the end of the finale, we learned that Camila had died of health complications. Her interviews were the first done, and she encouraged Billy to go find Daisy after her death. She didn’t want Billy to be alone.

It turns out that after the band broke up, Billy and Camila had a great marriage. She helped him sober up again, and as with the first time, being off the road was a good thing for them. He was a widower during the interviews, but after seeing Camila’s message to him, he decided to seek out Daisy Jones.

We left the series finale with Billy turning up at Daisy’s door. Do the two decide to try a relationship now? That’s not too clear. While Billy and Daisy still clearly harbored feelings for each other, a lot of time had passed since then. Would Daisy really want to rush into something? We are left to believe that they are at least in each other’s lives again.

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