Why did Daisy Jones and the Six break up?

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Daisy Jones and the Six wasn’t just about how the band formed, but also about why it broke up. What happened in the series finale?

Daisy Jones and the Six was all about how the band formed and why it came to an end at the height of its times. This was the true story, and we got a few bombshells in the series finale.

One of those bombshells was the real reason the band broke up. It was Daisy who made the decision in the end, but it was Billy’s words that led to her deciding that.

Daisy broke up the band in Daisy Jones and the Six

Throughout the series, Billy has tried to stand on his own. He didn’t think he would need Daisy to grow the band. And he didn’t think he needed Daisy in his life. That was until the end. After he told Daisy that he wouldn’t leave Camila for her, he struggled with what that meant.

Daisy could have gone on a downward spiral, but she didn’t want that to happen. In fact, when Billy says he wants Daisy to be “broken” with him, she decides that isn’t the life she wants at all. She chooses to leave the band for good. It was a decision necessary for her mental health.

That leads to Billy going on a downward spiral, especially when he believes that Camila has left him. She didn’t leave him, though. It turns out that the two had a happy marriage after the end of the band until Camila’s death. Yes, she was there for the interviews, but it turns out that all her parts were filmed early.

The reporter was Julia, Billy and Camila’s daughter. She wanted to set the record straight for everyone, and she started with her mother. Camila didn’t hold any ill will toward Daisy. In the end, she told Billy to give Daisy a call. Billy goes to Daisy’s door, but we don’t see the outcome. Could Daisy and Billy make it work after so long?

All we know is that Daisy made the decision to leave the band for her sanity, and it was arguably the right thing to do at the time. Yes, it hurt everyone else, but sometimes you have to make selfish decisions like this.

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