Why isn’t Daisy Jones and the Six Season 2 happening?

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Daisy Jones and the Six will air its final episodes this week. There isn’t going to be a Season 2, but why has Amazon decided this?

That’s right; going into the series, we knew that there wouldn’t be a second season. Well, okay, never say never, but this is a series that has been billed as a miniseries from the start. It is based on one book, which doesn’t have anything following it to even consider adapting.

The big question for many is why there won’t be a second season. Wouldn’t it be good to see what comes next for Daisy Jones and the Six after everything that happened? We finally got the truth as to why they broke up, although it’s clear that there were some embellishments to that truth. There are always three sides to every story, after all.

Why Daisy Jones and the Six isn’t renewed for Season 2

The plan for the series was to adapt the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. That’s what this whole season has done. Over the course of 10 episodes, we saw how The Six formed, how Daisy Jones joined them, and why they broke up when they were at the height of their career.

There isn’t a story after that. And there’s nothing wrong with creating a miniseries to tell a story. It’s just a longer movie, allowing for the full story to be told instead of cutting out important parts to condense as much as possible.

Could someone change their mind? Maybe, but it would take everyone changing their mind at this point. We could see something like Good Omens where there is another part of the story to tell. It could be like Big Little Lies, where htere’s the chance to tell the aftermath of the events. However, this is probably more like Little Fires Everywhere, where the story is completed in one season.

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Daisy Jones and the Six is available to stream on Prime Video.