Did Karen and Graham end up together in Daisy Jones and the Six?

Daisy Jones and the Six -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Daisy Jones and the Six -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Karen and Graham started a relationship during Daisy Jones and the Six. Would they end up together after the band broke up?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from the Daisy Jones and the Six finale.

With the way the interviews were done in Daisy Jones and the Six, it was hard to tell who was still together and who could still be friends. Karen and Graham had a romantic storyline throughout the series, but would they manage to make it together once the band broke up?

It turns out that it wasn’t the band breaking up that caused a problem for the two of them. They just weren’t right for each other.

Karen breaks up with Graham in Daisy Jones and the Six

The two looked like they were enjoying their relationship. After realizing that she was jealous of other girls, Karen made it clear to Graham that she wanted to be with him. That was great until a surprise pregnancy.

Karen realized that she didn’t want to be a mother. That wasn’t her dream, and she decided to get an abortion.

Of course, Graham had dreams of having a family. Realizing this, Karen decided to bring their relationship to an end. As much as she loved him, she couldn’t give him what he wanted in a relationship. He would need to sacrifice having children, and that wasn’t something he would be happy doing further down the line.

It’s a very common problem for couples. We’ve seen other TV shows follow the same problem: one wanting children and the other not wanting them. This is a deal breaker for a lot of couples because there is no middle ground. Karen did the right thing in not begging Graham to change for her.

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