Did Billy and Camila end up together in Daisy Jones and the Six?

Camila Morrone (Camila), Sam Claflin (Billy)
Camila Morrone (Camila), Sam Claflin (Billy) /

Billy had a choice to make in Daisy Jones and the Six. That was if Camila would give him a chance to make that choice. Did the two end up together?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for the Daisy Jones and the Six finale.

With the way Daisy Jones and the Six filmed the interviews, it was hard to tell who would make it as a couple. Billy was completely separate from both Daisy and Camila, giving the impression that he was no longer with either of them.

It turned out that the journalist, who was Billy and Camila’s daughter, Julia, had done the interviews this way on purpose. One of those reasons was because Camila was dying. She was the first of the interviews, and it started Julia’s look into her father’s band.

Before she died, did she and Billy make up? Did they find their way back to each other with the end of the band?

Camila and Billy are together in Daisy Jones and the Six

In the finale, Billy believes that Camila has left him. Honestly, if I was her, I would have left him, but she didn’t. However, when he thought this, he started drinking again and he told Daisy that he wanted them to be broken together. This was after telling Daisy that he wouldn’t leave his wife for her.

Daisy had enough. She didn’t want to be broken, and that’s what being in the band would have led to. After a sell-out performance, she quit the band for good.

Camila hadn’t left Billy, though. The two of them were able to make it work after the band broke up. This isn’t surprising when you consider the time Billy took off before Daisy joined. Their marriage was good without the touring, the music, and the alcohol. Camila shared that the two had a good marriage after the band.

Sadly, Camila died, leaving Billy a widower. She did die telling Billy to go find Daisy Jones, and that’s what he did.

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