Is Class of ’07 released weekly or a binge-watch?

Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Class of ’07 is heading to Prime Video at the end of the week. Will you be able to watch all episodes at once, or is it another weekly-released show?

There are some great shows dropping on Prime Video this week. Class of ’07 is just one of them, and it’s great for those who want a comedic look at the post-apocalyptic drama that happens. After all, we’ve had enough of the seriousness with the likes of The Last of Us and Fear the Walking Dead.

The big question for many people now is how the series is going to be released. Amazon has not been consistent in the way that it releases content lately. Just look at the way Carnival Row has released two episodes each week, while Daisy Jones and the Six has had blocks of episodes released. Just recently The Peripheral was released one episode per week.

What is this series going to be like? How is Class of ’07 going to come out?

Class of ’07 release schedule

There is some great news for fans of the binge-watch. Class of ’07 is going to come out in the traditional way for streaming shows to come out. Yes, that means all episodes are going to be released at once.

There are eight episodes to work your way through. This is going to be a quick binge-watch, too. The episodes are just 30 minutes long. It’s going to feel very much like Cobra Kai on Netflix.

The series offers us a look at how a group of women could deal with a natural disaster. Think of it as a little like a comedic version of The Wilds, but with adult women instead of teenagers. That should mean they manage things a little better, but we all know some teenage girls just never grow up. And it’s even harder when you’re around people who only knew you as a teenager and not the woman you have become.

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Class of ’07 is coming to Prime Video on Friday, March 17.