Is The Last of Us on Amazon Channels?

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The Last of Us is not on Prime Video, but there is another way to stream it on the platform. It’s all about Amazon Channels.

When The Last of Us first arrived on HBO Max, we said it wasn’t on Prime Video or on Amazon Channels. Well, it turns out that was wrong.

Remember back in September 2021 when everyone complained because WarnerMedia removed HBO from Amazon Channels? We didn’t like it either, and it’s something we didn’t expect to really change. After all, it wasn’t like Warner Bros. was really struggling all that much.

Except, it looks like maybe it was. When WarnerMedia and Discovery merged, Discovery took over. It turns out back in December 2022, HBO Max was added back onto Amazon Channels. Well, not really added “back” on as many publications reported. Max was never on Amazon Channels. It was just HBO. Now HBO Max is part of the Amazon Channels lineup.

The Last of Us is on Amazon Channels

So, that means you can now watch The Last of Us on Amazon Channels. This addition doesn’t cost you more than it would going directly to the streaming platform. You’ll still get everything in one place.

There’s some great news if you’re ready for the HBO Max app and the discovery+ app to merge. If you get HBO Max via Amazon Channels, you will automatically get the merge, which is set to be called Max. There’s no need to do anything.

It’s not clear what happens if you have both the streamers via Channels. I’m guessing that you’ll just lose discovery+ as it won’t be there anymore and HBO Max will become the app that you have. We’ll have to wait and see for that one.

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The Last of Us is streaming on Amazon Channels.