What time is the Carnival Row series finale on Prime Video?

Carnival Row season 2 starring Orlando Bloom, streaming on Prime Video.
Carnival Row season 2 starring Orlando Bloom, streaming on Prime Video. /

The Carnival Row series finale arrives on Prime Video at the end of the week. What time can you stream the final two episodes of the entire series?

It’s time to see how the story for the fae will come to an end. Tensions are extremely high, but we’re not going to get into the spoilers and the teases. What we really want to know is when we can watch the final two episodes.

There is no third season of Carnival Row. Amazon decided to bring the story to an end, and the series went through some extensive rewrites to make that possible. That’s part of the reason for the delays in getting this season (although the pandemic also played a part).

Now it’s time to see what the ending will be. Just when can you start streaming the final episodes?

Carnival Row series finale release time on Prime Video

The two episodes will come out on Friday, March 17. This is a global original, so the release time is midnight GMT. This is great news for those in North America.

The clocks have gone forward in North America, but they don’t go forward until March 16 in the UK. That’s going to affect when the release is going to be, as it’s all based on timezones. There is only a four-hour time difference between the UK and the East Coast.

So, we’re looking at getting the Carnival Row at around 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Thursday, March 16. There’s no guarantee of this happening, but we see it happen more than it doesn’t. At least you’re not delaying your St. Paddy’s Day celebrations to watch the final two episodes. Although, the series finale is sure to be worth the watch.

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Carnival Row is available to stream on Prime Video.