Is Carnival Row Season 3 happening at Prime Video?

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video /

The first two episodes of Carnival Row Season 2 are now available to stream. You’ll certainly want more, but will there be a third season to the story?

There is no doubt you want more Carnival Row after the first two episodes of Season 2. The show has upped the stakes, and there is a lot happening in the world.

While the main story is about the fae looking to rebel against their human oppressors, there’s a lot more happening. Tourmaline has learned she now has the ability to see the future, and Imogen and Agreus are in a very different version of The Pact than Imogen learned about. Agreus is lucky to even be alive!

The question is whether there will be more to the story. We know we have eight more episodes to this season, but what about ahead of that?

Carnival Row Season 3 is not happening at Prime Video

There is some bad news for those who want much more. There isn’t going to be a third season of the story. When Carnival Row Season 2’s premiere date was announced, it came with the confirmation that this was also going to be the final season.

In a way, there is some good news. The season went through some excessive rewrites, which helped to bring an ending to the story. This isn’t a show that’s been abruptly canceled due to costs or lack of viewership. Amazon wanted to make sure it came to an end for the loyal fanbase.

It could be why back in October 2019, there was a change of showrunner. Marc Guggenheim and Travis Beacham left the series with Eric Oleson taking over showrunner duties. He talked to Jamie Harris about adding some backstory to Sergeant Dombey’s character, and there’s a chance he turned to other actors to see what they had come up with for their individual characters to delve further into them.

We do have eight episodes to go. The episodes are released in batches of two each week, with the finale (which will be the series finale) airing on Friday, March 17.

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Carnival Row is available to stream on Prime Video.