Is You Season 4 on Amazon?

You Season 4, Part 2 has dropped, and it’s time to binge-watch all 10 episodes in one go. Where is that possible? Is this on Amazon in any way?

While You Season 4, Part 1 dropped in February, we’ve all been waiting for the release of the second half of the season. It’s all about the binge-watch, right? Well, there is some great news. We can finally watch all 10 episodes of the season together.

It’s time to get to the bottom of the murder mystery. We know how the killer is. So does Joe Goldberg. Now we just need to see how Joe can keep his own name out of the papers and find a way to prove who the guilty person is. That’s not going to be so easy considering all the information the killer has on Joe, who is now posing as Jonathan Moore.

is You Season 4 on Prime Video?

You’ll want to know where to stream the series. Is it possible to watch the episodes on Prime Video? This is where we have a lot of bad news.

This is a Netflix series now. It did start off as a Lifetime series, but it’s now on Netflix. As a Netflix Original, it’s highly unlikely to leave the streamer, especially as it is one of the more popular releases. So, it’s unlikely to head to Prime Video.

Is You Season 4 on Amazon Video?

Usually, Netflix shows don’t head to Amazon Instant Video to buy on Digital. You is a little different with it being a Lifetime series first. The first season did go to Digital and when Netflix saved the show from cancellation, the agreement was to keep episodes going to Digital. You can get the first three seasons right now.

It’s going to take time for You Season 4 to head to Amazon Video, though. We’re looking at around a year after the release, so that means February 2024 at the earliest. The same applies to the DVD release. We’re expecting it, but not for about a year.

You Season 4 is available to stream in full on Netflix.