Is Sam Claflin really singing in Daisy Jones and the Six?

Sam Claflin (Billy)
Sam Claflin (Billy) /

You’ll know Sam Claflin from The Hunger Games and Me Before You. Now he’s in Daisy Jones and the Six, but is he really singing in the series?

Before Daisy Jones and the Six, it’s likely that you didn’t know Sam Claflin could sing. You may not have imagined him as a rock star. After all, he’s played very different characters in the past.

Sometimes, TV shows will opt for actors to perform the roles and then have singers perform the songs with the actors lip-syncing. This is something Daisy Jones and the Six could have opted for, but the show decided to go a more authentic route instead.

Is Sam Claflin singing in Daisy Jones and the Six?

Yes, Sam Claflin really can sing, and that is him singing in the series. Riley Keough is also really singing the Daisy Jones part.

Sam nearly missed out on the role because of his sound, though. He grew up with a metalhead for a father, and performed “Your Song” by Elton John in the audition, according to Variety Fair. The performance wasn’t quite the right sound, and the producers asked if he knew “Come Together” by The Beatles, but Sam had only heard the Michael Jackson cover of it.

This was a role he wanted, though, and so he threw himself into researching the music of the 1970s rock scene. The pandemic may have helped a little as he had some time to learn how to play the guitar and sing in the sound needed while he was at home in England with his children. Yes, he really is playing the guitar in the series, too!

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Daisy Jones and the Six airs Fridays on Prime Video. March 10 will see three more episodes drop.