Will The Consultant be renewed for Season 2 at Amazon?

The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Consultant has just dropped on Prime Video today. What are the chances of the Christoph Waltz series being renewed for Season 2?

If you’re looking for another series that is completely out there, you’ll want to turn your attention to The Consultant. The series stars Christoph Waltz as the boss from hell, and so it shouldn’t surprise you all that much about what to expect.

It was always going to be hard for Amazon to make a decision about the series ahead of it dropping. This isn’t like The Boys or The Wheel of Time which both had a major following immediately or like Carnival Row, which had gained a lot of support and interest right away. The show has been one of the quieter releases, a little more like Outer Range, which was renewed a couple of months after it arrived on the platform.

Will The Consultant Season 2 happen at Prime Video?

So, it wasn’t all that surprising that we didn’t have an early renewal. The drawing point of this series is Waltz in the lead. Now the show needs to see if it can stand up to the expectations set because of the draw. Is it going to deliver on promises that have been set up in the promo?

The series itself is a bit of a fun ride. There are times when characters do a few things out of, well, character, but for the most part, we get a wild and thrilling ride. Of course, there’s the mystery at the core of the series. What did happen to the CEO? Why did Patoff suddenly join the company?

Now we need to see just how many people are tuning in for the whole series this weekend. That’s going to be the initial number Amazon is going to look at. Then we’ll get to know if the series is canceled or renewed.

Amazon isn’t open about how well a show is going. It doesn’t really matter what the social media response is. Just look at Paper Girls, which was well-written and had a huge response online. It didn’t get the viewership to justify the cost of the series—and yes, I’m still salty about that. Will The Consultant, which was also a big-budget TV series, be different?

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The Consultant is now streaming on Prime Video.