The Consultant age rating: Is the Amazon show suitable for kids?

The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Christoph Waltz plays another sociopathic character in The Consultant. Is this something to watch with the kids around, or wait for them to go to bed?

There’s a new show coming to Prime Video at the end of the week. It’s all about Christoph Waltz in The Consultant. It’s another global release, which means that it’s likely to drop all episodes on Thursday night in North America.

You’ll want to know if this series is suitable to watch with the kids around. Is it something to watch when they go to bed instead? You’ll want to check out the official age rating to get a good idea.

The Consultant age rating

As the series isn’t out, the official age rating isn’t out. However, we can take a look at the promo to get a sense of what to expect. We’re going with a TV-MA rating for this series.

Let’s just look at the fact that Waltz is leading the series. We know he plays dark and twisted characters, and that’s no different here. Then we have the fact that it all starts with the tech company’s CEO killing himself. While it doesn’t happen on screen, there is enough to let us know exactly what’s happened.

We’re also expecting plenty of foul language throughout the season considering the topic. This is a series that is willing to put lives on the line for the sake of work.

You’ll want to check out the series for yourself to get an idea of the language, violence, nudity, and drug use. This is the best way to see if it’s right for your children. After all, our children are all different. I know this isn’t good for my kids, but it’s something I’d have probably sat through when I was younger.

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The Consultant is on Prime Video on Friday, Feb. 24.