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Carnival Row Season 2, Episode 6

We head back to Imogen and Agreus on Carnival Row Season 2, Episode 6. Imogen wants to make a life where they will be accepted together, but it’s clear that the happily ever after is just propaganda. What’s going on behind the scenes?

Meanwhile, we find out what happened to Philo and Kane after they were captured. We also learn what the creature is, and what it likely wants.

What is New Dawn really like?

Imogen and Agreus wake to start another day. Agreus is angry, and he doesn’t like waking up angry. Imogen is sure that the land they’re in is a good one, and she would like Agreus to try to make a life there.

That is until they hear all the propaganda about the life Leonora wanted to create. It’s clear that there is something darker going on, and Imogen agrees that they need to escape. They need to make it look like they’re willing to give it all a chance, first.

While working, Agreus is pulled somewhere private. Leonora fills a pistol with just one bullet and initially aims it at Agreus. Then she hands him the gun. What’s going on? Well, she has her men bring Ezra out saying that she doesn’t think all aristocrats are worth teaching what the working life is like. She wants Agreus to shoot him.

Agreus refuses. Instead, he brings Ezra back to his room with Imogen. Of course, Imogen isn’t happy. If she was the one with the gun, she would have killed him. Agreus knows that she would regret that eventually. He thinks that Ezra should escape with them.

Philo remembers the creature

We get some time back in the war, which is when Philo first saw the creature. It’s a Sparas, a shapeshifting creature who spares Philo because he’s part Pix. She can smell it on him.

Philo is in prison being beaten for answers. Dombey and Berwick turn up to get him out, but the warden of the prison is not letting this man go. He wants answers about the creature and why Philo is working with it.

Philo is left dazed and struggling to keep his sanity. He sees a version of himself who shares that Philo has always lied about who he is because he’s ashamed of himself. He’s ashamed of being part Pix. As this vision of himself taunts him, Berwick comes to pay Philo a visit. He wants to help get Philo out of this situation and Dombey is also helping. Berwick also points out that it seems this Sparas is trying to create chaos between human and fae.

Wait, Dombey is helping? What in the world of Carnival Row?

By the end, Dombey has managed to get the warden to agree to release Philo into police custody. Dombey needs Philo’s help to track down and stop the Sparas. Philo agrees, but only because he can escape police custody easier than the prison.

Vignette leaves the Black Raven

Vignette gets back to the Row and heads straight to the witch’s house. That’s when she finds Tourmaline and Darius there. Vignette doesn’t quite trust Darius, but she sees how sweet Darius and Tourmaline are on each other.

Vignette explains that the Sparas helped her escape. She had no idea Philo was inside, and she’s angry that Philo led to her getting captured and then decided to save her. He always has to play the hero. Well, she’s not going to try to save him. She has someone else she cares about more.

When hearing that the creature is a Sparas, Tourmaline is shocked. She admits that she saw her own death. Vignette says they should leave The Burgue and prevent the vision from happening. They can fly low, even if there are cops everywhere.

Kane and another Black Raven turn up at the house. Yes, Kane got away in the midst of the confusion with the other prisoners. Philo couldn’t get away because he couldn’t fly. Vignette makes it clear that she can’t be with the Black Raven anymore. She’s out.

Why do I get the feeling that’s not really going to be possible?

What about Millworthy?

Millworthy ends up back with the government, with advisors apologizing for their actions in getting Millworthy arrested. They claim that Jonah was tyrannical. It’s easy to blame the dead man, right? And yes, Jonah was a big problem, but the entire government is a problem.

With Jonah gone, there is a question of who will take over. At the same time, there are more people looking to burn the Row down. What will happen to the fae?

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