Carnival Row Season 2 recap guide: All 10 episodes explained

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Carnival Row Season 2
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Carnival Row Season 2, Episode 3

The episode picks up straight off the back of finding Dahlia and Bolero’s heads on the gate. Tourmaline sees them in a vision and then suddenly finds herself in front of them. She knows that they weren’t killed by the humans, and so does Philo. How did the humans get the heads up on those spikes?

This is the big mystery of the season. Something is killing humans and fae. What is going on, and what will the Black Raven do now?

Philo decides he will investigate after all

Philo can’t allow the humans to get the blame for everything that’s happened. He also doesn’t want the fae to get the blame for the human deaths. So, he needs to investigate.

Tourmaline turns to him to find out if he is having visions too. She’s upset that he isn’t getting them, but he certainly believes everything she says. So, he asks her to use this curse to find out what’s happening next.

Philo, Tourmaline, and Berwick head to the spire that Tourmaline saw in her vision, which is where Dahlia and Bolero’s bodies are. Tourmaline gets a vision of her own death at the hands of the creature that is flying above The Burgue. She doesn’t tell Philo everything, but it’s clear that this is not human or the traditional fae.

The Black Raven wants revenge

Meanwhile, the Black Raven is lost with Dahlia gone. This is the perfect time for Vignette to take over, just like we suspected she would. She makes it clear that the Pix used to be warriors, and it’s time to go back to that.

Philo tries to talk them down. He makes it clear that Dahlia and Bolero weren’t killed by humans.

Vignette makes it clear that while they weren’t, Unna was. They will go after Sergeant Dombey.

Ezra finds his sister

While all this is going on, Ezra continues his search for his sister. He finds out that Agreus’s servant is still looking after the house, which means this servant knows where Agreus is. The servant ends up giving up the information only to end up killed.

Ezra is on a path of revenge, too. What will he do to his sister when he finds her?

Jonah wants to know who he can trust

Jonah is worried after everything that happened at the dinner. What e doesn’t know is that Sophie is still hiding her faun servant. Sophie also decides to give medicine and food to those on the Row. It is a publicity moment but there’s a moment when Sophie holds a sick baby Pix that shows she could have a heart. Does she realize the damage she’s caused?

Jonah, meanwhile, wants to speak to Runyan. It turns out that Runyan was at the funeral for Dahlia and Bolero, and Jonah wants to know why. It’s not time to show sympathy. Runyan somewhat disagrees.

Of course, Runyan is working behind Jonah’s back. He is working with The Pact to get them weapons, but there is an ulterior motive. Runyan needs to get better at lying and covering his tracks, though. He’s not a very good Master of Spies. He needs to get some lessons from Varys.