All the Amazon shows canceled in 2022: Paper Girls, Night Sky, and more

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Paper Girls -- Courtesy of Prime Video /
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Amazon shows canceled: The Wilds

Another series that we wanted more of was The Wilds. The second season dropped as a binge-watch in the spring, after a very long wait for it. Granted, the pandemic was to blame, but at one point, we wondered if we were even going to get the season because of silence from Amazon.

It ended up becoming one of the first Amazon shows canceled in 2022 with the new season dropping. And yes, we were angry. This is a show that has left us on a major cliffhanger. It’s clear that there are more trials and tribulations for the teenagers to go through.

One of the downsides was the long wait. There was also very little promotion from Amazon in the lead-up to the new season. It’s a problem with a lot of streaming platforms.

Amazon shows canceled: Night Sky

Another early cancellation in 2022 was the new sci-fi series Night Sky. This was such a sweet show that focused on older love, but it also brought us the sci-fi twists and turns that we needed.

The cancellation came months after the first season dropped on Prime Video. If we’re honest, by that point, we expected a cancellation.

The series did have a huge production cost, but it didn’t get the viewership needed to justify a second season. This is on Amazon, though. The series didn’t get the promotion that it needed. Just look at the promotion The Lord of the Rings got compared to the canceled Amazon shows in 2022.

Amazon shows canceled: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Amazon has tried for a YA push, and one of the first was I Know What You Did Last Summer. It dropped at the end of 2021 with a weekly release, but it was in 2022 that we found out it was canceled.

In a way, the main storyline came to an end. We had a few questions about how the truth would end up coming out, but isn’t that the case with a lot of horror stories? There’s always something left open with the potential for sequels.

The problem for this series was trying to adapt a well-loved 1990s horror movie, and a well-loved book. It didn’t do the best job and it wasn’t the most unpredictable series of the year. The cancellation wasn’t all that surprising at the start of the year.