What happened to Joe in Hunters Season 2?

Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios
Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios /

Joe was taken to Hitler at the end of Hunters Season 1. What happened to his character, and how did the team get him back in Hunters Season 2?

At the end of Hunters Season 1, Joe decided to leave the group. As he went, he was attacked by the Nazis and taken to Argentina. That was when we learned with him that Adolf Hitler was still alive and the woman leading the attempt to bring the Fourth Reich to New York was Eva Braun.

Joe was included in the promo for Hunters Season 2, but it wasn’t clear what was going on with him. How did he survive being surrounded by Nazis? We got answers pretty quickly, and things didn’t look good.

Joe was tortured and brainwashed in Hunters Season 2

Joe was a welcome addition to Hitler’s home in Hunters Season 2. It turned out that he was now on that side, but we knew that something serious had to have happened. There’s no way Joe would work on Hitler’s side, even if he did feel betrayed and hurt finding out that Meyer Offerman was actually The Wolf.

After he attacked the group and shot Roxy, we got more details. It turned out that he’d been tortured and brainwashed into joining Hitler’s side. Eva had worried that sending Joe to kill his friends would undo the hard work they did, and that’s exactly what happened. Although, it wasn’t the group as a whole. It was Roxy, the woman he loved.

Joe was captured by the group after he shot Travis in the face. He was angry that the group hadn’t come looking for him, but it turned out Roxy had. She knew that something had to have happened, and she also knew the real Joe was inside there. He just needed the courage to come back out.

Joe ended up leading the group to Hitler’s compound so they could capture the man. He was also there when Jonah was shot, and it was Joe who helped to save Jonah’s life by trying to stem the bleeding while calling out for an ambulance. He did redeem himself in the end, and we can’t really look down on him when he’d clearly been tortured for some time believing that everyone he knew had abandoned him.

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