Cosmic Love France age rating: Is the series suitable for children?

Cosmic Love -- Courtesy of Amazon
Cosmic Love -- Courtesy of Amazon /

If you’re ready for another dating show, Amazon has you covered this week. Cosmic Love France drops tonight. Is it one to watch with the kids around?

Reality shows are popular across the board. Dating shows all the more than many other types of reality shows. We want to see people find love, whether it’s to see them happy or to tell them to run the other way as we spot the red flags.

Cosmic Love France is coming to Prime Video tonight. We’ve already had the American version of the show, which is going to offer a good look at what to expect. The format is going to be very much the same, with four singles representing each of the elements finding love through astrology.

Cosmic Love France age rating

You’ll want to know what the Cosmic Love France age rating is. This is the best way to determine if the series is going to be suitable for children or not.

The series rating isn’t officially out yet as the show hasn’t been released yet. We’re looking at something similar to the American version of the series. We expected the series to be a TV-14 rating, but it ended up being rated TV-MA. This is what we expect the Cosmic Love France age rating to be.

The rating mostly comes from the language and some of the mild nudity. It’s worth noting that other countries say that the series is suitable for older teens, with most countries offering a 15 or 16 rating. This could be something worth considering if you’re looking at watching before the kids go to bed. Watch an episode of the U.S. version again to remember what the show was like to help make a decision about the French version.

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Cosmic Love France is on Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 6.