The One That Got Away age rating: Is the reality series suitable for kids?

The One That Got Away -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The One That Got Away -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

There’s a new reality series involving people looking for love coming to Prime Video. Will The One That Got Away be suitable for the kids in the house?

Prime Video is getting into the dating reality series genre. That means helping singles to find love. This series has a bit of a twist in the sense that it’s focused on people the singles already know rather than meeting new singles.

There are always the cases of “wrong place, wrong time” or even “right person, wrong time.” What if we could go back and revisit some of those matches. Would a different time and personal headspace make the relationships viable? That’s what six singles are about to find out.

The question is whether it’s going to be a series to watch with the kids or not. Is this one to wait for them to go to bed to watch?

The One That Got Away age rating

There is no reason for this series to have a TV-MA rating, but the exact rating hasn’t been made clear online. In Canada, the series has a 16+ rating right now. That usually means around a TV-14, and that’s what we’re going with for the show.

A TV-14 age rating is about right for reality dating shows. We’ve seen similar with the likes of Lovestruck HighThe Bachelor, and Married at First Sight. There are a few shows that have a slightly older age rating because the content gets a little more risque, but we’re not expecting that for this Prime series.

This would suggest that children 14+ can watch the show. Whether they’ll be all that interested is another thing. Anyone else find it’s usually adults who are more interested in other people’s real love lives? The kids want to watch the fictional ones!

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The One That Got Away is coming to Prime Video on Friday, June 24.