What is Lovestruck High about?

Lovestruck High -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Lovestruck High -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Are you ready for another reality show that sees people looking for love? Lovestruck High is heading to Prime Video, and here’s all you need to know about it.

It’s time for another reality show. Prime Video doesn’t have many of them, and we’re hoping that this one stands a better chance than a few others in the past. Of course, before you start watching anything, you want to know what it’s about.

For those who are wondering, Lovestruck High will drop as a binge-watch. There’s no need to wait each week to see who will pick who and who will be crowned Prom Royality. You can binge-watch starting tonight. What exactly are you binge-watching, though?

What is Lovestruck High about?

The reality series follows a group of singles looking for love. This time, the singles are heading back to high school, but not the high school experience they got. Instead, 15 singles are heading to an American high school to get the experience of the past.

This is an opportunity for this group of 20-somethings to get a second chance at love while experiencing something they’ve only seen on TV and in movies.

Not only are the singles looking for love, though. They have the chance of winning $100,000. This goes to those who have been crowned Prom Royalty. Who will get the chance of heading home with love and money? Will they go together, or will the aim for the money upset the chance of finding love?

Only time will tell. The good news is that at least all the episodes drop at once. There’s no wait for any of the reveals and twists that we’re sure will happen along the way.

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Lovestruck High is on Prime Video tonight.