How many episodes are in Jack Ryan Season 3?

Jack Ryan Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Jack Ryan Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Jack Ryan Season 3 is finally heading to Prime Video. This is a binge-watch release, but how many episodes will you work your way through?

It’s finally time to check out the third season of Jack Ryan. Well, almost. The third season drops on Wednesday (Tuesday night if we’re lucky), and we’re getting all the episodes in one go. This is a perfect Christmas gift from Amazon.

This season will see Jack on the run. He’s been implicated in some bigger conspiracy, and he needs to get to the bottom of it. He knows he’s innocent, and there are people close to him who believe that he didn’t do it. The problem is that going on the run makes him look guilty. He just knows that if he doesn’t go on the run, nobody will get to the bottom of the conspiracy for him.

Jack Ryan Season 3 episode count

So, with all the episodes dropping at once, you need to know how many hours it will take to get through the season. Will it take all Christmas weekend?

There are eight episodes in Jack Ryan Season 3. This matches the episode counts of the previous two seasons, and it also matches the episode counts of most shows on Prime Video. These shorter seasons are great for keeping storylines contained and enthralling.

The seasons are also much easier to binge-watch. There’s not the need to try to fit 22 hours of content into a weekend. Eight hours is much easier.

Don’t worry too much about binge-watching for a renewal sake. Jack Ryan Season 4 is officially happening. The renewal came extremely early, allowing the writers to get straight to work on it. Later, Amazon confirmed that the fourth season would be the last, but there is a chance we’ll get a spin-off series. These types of shows are performing extremely well on Prime Video, so we’ll likely get the spin-off.

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Jack Ryan is available to stream on Prime Video.