Is Jack Ryan Season 4 happening at Amazon?

Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Amazon Studios /

We’re still waiting for a premiere date for Jack Ryan Season 3. Isn’t it too early to think about Jack Ryan Season 4? Amazon doesn’t think so.

While we know that Jack Ryan Season 3 is happening, that’s all we’ve found out so far. Amazon is still to set a premiere date for the series, and it’s looking more and more likely that it will be sometime in 2022. The good news is production has recently wrapped, so maybe we’re looking at early 2022 depending on how long post-production takes and the current strike action potentially coming up.

You’d think it would be too soon to start thinking about future seasons. However, Amazon has decided to treat us to some good news.

Jack Ryan Season 4 is happening at Amazon Prime Video

John Krasinski’s character is ready to plan his next mission. Jack Ryan Season 4 is officially happening at Amazon, according to TVLine.

Michael Peña will be in the season, but we don’t know who he will play just yet. What are the chances that he’ll be the villain of the season?

We have no idea when the fourth season will be released. It’s not clear when production will start, and the current potential strike action is going to cause problems. (We’re on the side of those striking considering they deserve better pay and working conditions, so we’re not complaining about the potential delays coming and just making a note of them.) We hope to see Jack Ryan Season 4 some time in 2023.

The third season will see Jack on the run. He’s wrongly implicated in a big conspiracy, and now he doesn’t know who he can turn to for help. Both the CIA and an international rogue want to find him, and he’s going to travel around Europe to stay one step ahead. He has to get out of it though considering he’ll be back for Jack Ryan Season 4.

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Jack Ryan is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Jack Ryan Season 4.