DVD releases happening this week: Reacher Season 1 and more

Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Reacher Season 1 is certainly going to be one of the surprise DVD releases this week. Here’s a look at everything you can buy on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

It’s not often that an Amazon Original Series gets a DVD release. Every now and then, we are treated to it, and this week, it’s all about Reacher Season 1. The entire first season is coming to physical disc.

This isn’t just coming to DVD, either. You’ll be able to get the episodes on Blu-ray and 4K, which is even more unusual for Amazon. The show was a huge hit on Prime Video, and a second season is in the works.

Smile, The Woman King, and more

If you’re in the mood for horror, Smile is going to be the DVD release you’ll want to check out. This is certainly disturbing as Dr. Rose Cotter tries to figure out what is going on in the world. All she knows is that she sees disturbing incidents that see victims smiling as they commit horrific crimes.

For those who want something that is based on real history and shines a light on some of the more powerful women of the past, The Woman King is a DVD to get. This movie sees Viola Davis as Nanisca, a young girl chosen to lead an Army of warrior women. She must fight for land and her people against the odds.

Sex and the City fans will be happy to hear that And Just Like That Season 1 is available on DVD this week. Meanwhile, Evil fans will want to get Season 3 on DVD or Blu-ray.

All the DVD releases happening this week

  • A Christmas Karen
  • American Murderer
  • And Just Like That Seasonon1
  • Bandit
  • Call Jane
  • Evil Season 3
  • Lifemark
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
  • Players Season 1
  • Reacher Season 11
  • Resurrection
  • The Roundup
  • Slash/Back
  • Smile
  • Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters
  • The Minute You Wake Up

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