What is Reacher Season 1 about?

Reacher -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video /

Reacher Season 1 is heading to Prime Video at the end of the week. Which book is the season based on? What is Reacher about?

Alan Ritchson steps into the titular role in the new Prime Video series. It’s based on the Reacher novels by Lee Child, with the first season specifically based on Killing Floor.

Before you jump into the series, you’ll want to get an idea of what it is about. You’ll need to know if this is even something for you. If you’ve read the books, you know it is. What if the books have never come across your bookshelf? Or what if the books have something you’ve seen but not picked up yet?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Prime Video series.

What is Reacher Season 1 about?

The series will follow Killing Floor by Lee Child. It is the first book in the series, which is a very good place for the TV series to start. After all, there are people out there who won’t know who Jack Reacher is.

This season will introduce the character. Jack is a former military cop who has entered civilian life. Now that he is on his own time, he’s decided to travel the country to visit the people he once served to protect. He’s doing it without a cellphone and with only the basics of items to survive with, drifting around and hitchhiker where he can.

When he gets to Margrave, Georgia, he’s thrown into a conspiracy. The town sees its first homicide in 20 years, and Jack is the one people look at as the suspect. People are going to regret making him their scapegoat. After initially working to prove his innocence, he’s going to work with the local detectives to track down the real killer.

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Reacher is on Prime Video on Friday, Feb. 4.