Reacher Season 2 is not coming in December 2022

Reacher -- Courtesy of Keri Anderson/Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Keri Anderson/Amazon Prime Video /

Jack Reacher is going to have another case to help solve. When will we get to see it all play out? Here’s what we know about Reacher Season 2 so far.

We’re more than ready to check out what Jack Reacher is up to next. The great news is there will be a second season. The series was renewed just days into the first episodes dropping on Prime Video.

The bad news is we’re not getting that season just yet. Reacher Season 2 is not going to premiere in December 2022. If you need to watch something that is similar, there is some good news. Jack Ryan Season 3 is coming in December at least.

When will Reacher Season 2 come to Prime Video?

So, how long are we waiting? We’re in for a bit of a wait. Usually, we’d say 14 months or so from the premiere of the previous season for a series like this. There is some bad news for Reacher, though. We’re looking at 18 months at least.

Production only started on the show at the end of September. It could take around six months of filming and then six months of post-production, which puts the release in September 2023. We’d love for it to be earlier than that, but we’d also like the series done right.

There are going to be other shows similar to this arriving. We still have the Alex Cross series to come, which has just found its lead. There are rumors that Alex Rider Season 3 is in production, which could lead to a spring 2023 release date.

Reacher Season 2 is going to follow the 11th book in the series. I get a feeling that this is to work in some of the guest stars we’ve already come to know. The thing with the Reacher books is that Jack moves on to other towns and he works with different individuals, similar to Robert Langdon in the Dan Brown books. It can make it harder for consistency for the fans when it comes to the TV shows.

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Reacher is available to stream on Prime Video.