Is there going to be a Season 2 of The Terminal List?

The Terminal List -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Terminal List -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

There are a few shows that remain in limbo. What about The Terminal List? Is there going to be a second season or has it been quietly canceled?

When The Terminal List hit Amazon, it was a huge hit. That’s not surprising considering the book the series is based on, and the fact that similar shows have performed well. We just have to look at the success of Jack Ryan and Reacher to see that this is a genre people want to see more of.

So, it’s surprising that the series hasn’t yet officially been renewed. Does this mean the series has been quietly canceled? This type of silence isn’t usually good for the shows, so what’s going on behind closed doors?

The Terminal List Season 2 could still happen at Prime Video

It turns out that Amazon wants the show. So does Chris Pratt. Everyone involved wants to see the second season. So, why hasn’t Amazon officially renewed The Terminal List for Season 2 then?

It all comes down to deals that still need to be worked out. According to TV Guide, Jack Carr and the writers need to figure out a way to take a step back from Pratt being in every single scene. It was hard work on the actor, so some subplots are necessary. This is an intense show, and streaming shows have heavy workloads.

Pratt says that we shouldn’t worry, though. The second season is going to happen. We’ll also see the show follow the books in chronological order, which is something different to what Reacher and Alex Rider fans have experienced.

The second book, True Believer by Jack Carr, sees James Reece accept a Presidential Pardon for everything that happened in the first book. However, there is a catch. He’ll need to go on another mission to uncover a conspiracy.

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What did you think of The Terminal List? Would you like to see a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Terminal List is available to stream on Prime Video.