Alex Rider is reportedly renewed for Season 3

Alex Rider - Season 2 - Episode 203
Alex Rider - Season 2 - Episode 203 /

Freevee (and Amazon) has stayed very quiet about the future of Alex Rider. It turns out the series has reportedly been renewed for a third season.

We do still need an official renewal from Freevee. That’s the only way we can jump for joy that there will be more to come in the world of Alex Rider. However, Midgard Times brought some good news about filming, and this publication has been pretty good at getting the right information.

Season 3 isn’t just happening. According to the report, the season has already started filming. There is a chance that we’ll get the season in 2023.

When will Alex Rider Season 3 finish filming?

According to the report, the series will wrap filming in March 2023. This does mean there’s a chance for a 2023 premiere date.

A show like this does take some time in post-production, but nothing on the level of The Boys and Carnival Row. It takes around six to eight months in a lot of cases, so we could see a release in September 2023.

What we don’t get to know is which book the third season is going to follow. This isn’t a series that has followed the books in order, similar to Reacher, which has jumped from the first book to the 11th book. The series will need to work the mission from whichever book of choice while working with the show’s storyline for personal development.

The last we left Alex, Jack had been made his permanent guardian. She was also given citizenship that would allow her to remain in the country as a thank you for helping with the mission. Yassan told Alex to “find Widow, find SCORPIA.” That’s where we left the big conspiracy that involves Alex’s father’s death.

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Alex Rider is available to stream on Freevee, Amazon’s free streaming website.