Will Alex Rider Season 3 come to IMDb TV in 2022?

Alex Rider - Season 2 - Episode 203
Alex Rider - Season 2 - Episode 203 /

Our eyes are on whether Alex Rider Season 3 is going to happen or not. If it is renewed, will we get to watch it in 2022 or wait until 2023?

One thing we do know is that Alex Rider Season 3 won’t arrive in 2021. The second season only dropped on IMDb TV in December 2021, and we don’t even have official confirmation that Season 3 is even going to happen. IMDb TV has not yet confirmed the renewal of the series just yet.

That being said, it is reportedly happening. Production Weekly had down that production started on the third season in May 2021. This seems odd since the second season didn’t stop production until around the same time, but it’s not completely impossible.

Something to keep in mind is that Production Weekly doesn’t always have it right. Remember that it reported work started on The Irregulars Season 2 and then the show was canceled after just one season.

Could Alex Rider Season 3 arrive in 2022?

We hope to see a third season happen. This is the Alex Rider adaptation we’ve all been waiting for, and there’s no way we want to see it end just yet. The question is whether there’s enough time to get it out in 2022.

It is possible, but the turnaround would be tight if production hasn’t started yet. We’re looking at the very end of 2022.

There is more of a chance that the release will be in early 2023 instead. This would allow plenty of time for filming and the post-production work that needs to happen. It would be at least six months of post-production for a series like this.

We can’t look at the wait between Seasons 1 and 2 to get an idea of the wait. The delay happened due to the pandemic.

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Alex Rider is available to stream on IMDb TV. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Alex Rider Season 3.