Amazon finally sets a premiere date for Carnival Row Season 2

Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Amazon Prime Video
Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Amazon Prime Video /

After an excruciatingly long wait, Amazon has finally set the date for Carnival Row Season 2. Here’s all we know about the release date and more.

It’s only taken more than three years to get a release date for Carnival Row Season 2. Granted, the pandemic didn’t help with this, but it does seem like this wait has been far longer than it needed to be. That’s especially the case when you look at how The Wheel of Time isn’t probably going to take much more than 14 months or so since the release of the first season.

But the good news is we finally have a premiere date. On top of that, we know that this is going to be the final season. As predicted, Amazon is ending Carnival Row with Season 2.

When will Carnival Row Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

There is still a bit of a wait on our hands. Despite initially saying that the season would arrive in 2022, that’s not now going to be the case. We’ll get the new season on Friday, Feb. 17, 2023.

If you were hoping for a binge-watch, that’s not going to happen. TVLine has confirmed that the series will get a weekly release. The episodes will come out on Fridays, and there are 10 episodes to the season. That puts the finale date as Friday, April. 28 if it is like The Peripheral Season 1. However, we could see a bulk of episodes drop in February. TVLine wasn’t too clear about this, and it’s never easy to tell how Amazon is going to release a series.

The final season will kick off with the way the first season ended. The fae have been trapped on Carnival Row. They are not allowed to leave, and that now includes the ex-detective Philo, who showed that he is half-fae.

Check out the teaser trailer for Season 2:

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Carnival Row Season 2 will premiere on Friday, Feb. 17, 2023 on Prime Video.