The Devil’s Hour ending explained: How were Lucy and Gideon connected?

The Devil's Hour -- Courtesy of Amazon
The Devil's Hour -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Waking up at 3:33 a.m. is normal for Lucy in The Devil’s Hour. What if there’s something more to her inability to sleep, though? What if it’s somehow connected to Gideon?

Lucy keeps waking up, her son seems to have no emotions, and her mom is talking to an empty chair. There’s something going on in her life in The Devil’s Hour, and it all starts to get worse as she starts to experience deja vu.

She wants to get to the bottom of it. It turns out that Gideon, a nomad in police custody, may know something. The two have met before, but not in this life, otherwise Lucy would easily remember him.

This was certainly a well-crafted, twisty tale. Just how were the two connected, and what happened in the end?

The Devil’s Hour ending explained

We get flashes of Lucy’s life leading up to talking to Gideon and being in the interview room with the man. It turns out that the police want to figure out why he killed his father and why he’s on a killing spree right now. Well, there is a big reasoning, and he may not be the bad guy everyone is making him out to be.

It turns out that Gideon has died countless times. He comes back to live the same life over and over again. Once he starts remembering things from the previous times around, he can make changes. He manages to save himself and his brother by killing his father, and he saves the lives of a family by preventing a car accident from happening. He adds the names of people who have hurt or killed people to a list, and he kills those people before they can hurt the others. It’s vigilante work, in a way.

What about Lucy? Well, it turns out that she came to him in one of his previous lives. He can easily reset timeloops to change events just by ending his own life. In one of them, he decided to stay alive for 25 years in prison so he could meet Lucy Chambers. She explains the worst moment in her life was the night her mom killed herself. At 3:33 a.m.

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The Devil’s Hour — Courtesy of Amazon /

Gideon changes that, and it leads to Lucy having a very different life. In this life, she marries her husband and they have Isaac. None of that was supposed to happen, and Gideon explains that this is why Isaac doesn’t have any emotion. He doesn’t have a soul, and he’s able to slip between these lives that were and aren’t anymore.

At the very end, Lucy goes home to find her place on fire. Her (now ex-) husband explains that he tried to save Isaac. We know he didn’t. He saw the bedroom on fire and Isaac just sitting there motionless. He decided to leave the kid he never loved—all because of the way Isaac was—to die in the fire.

Lucy rushes into the room, but she can’t find Isaac. She is stuck in the room filling up with smoke, and we see flashes of her life when her mom did kill herself—at least, that’s what we’re left to assume. In that life, Lucy married Detective Dhillon and was a detective herself. In that life, there is a fire in that same house, but the family down the street with a little girl called Meredith lived there. Fortunately, the whole family got out alive, but Lucy recognizes the family. She has a sense of deja vu.

One thing is clear. Lucy doesn’t remember the life where she lived in the house. What does that mean this time, especially since in this alternate world, she was the one who arrested Gideon?

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