What is The Devil’s Hour about?

The Devil's Hour -- Courtesy of Amazon
The Devil's Hour -- Courtesy of Amazon /

The Devil’s Hour is coming to Prime Video at the end of the week. What is the new thriller about? Here’s all you need to know going into the series.

Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi team up to bring us a British thriller in time for Halloween. All six episodes of The Devil’s Hour will drop at the end of this week, and it’s going to be perfect for fans of these types of shows. It comes from the minds of Dracula and Sherlock, so you just know it’s going to be twisty and amazing.

Of course, before you jump into any series, you want to know a little more about it. It’s important to get a sense of what the story is, and whether it’s going to be for you. Here’s all you need to know about this six-part story.

The Devil’s Hour synopsis

The series follows a woman who wakes up in the middle of the night all the time. That wouldn’t be all that strange and scary if it wasn’t for the exact time she wake up at each night. It’s always at 3:33 a.m., also known as “The Devil’s Hour.”

That’s not the only strange thing that’s happening. Her son is moody and withdrawn, and her house has some strange noises. She’s starting to lose track of time, and it’s clear that something bigger is going on. Why does she keep getting a connection to a nomad named Gideon?

This nomad has recently been arrested, but did he actually commit the crime? What does he know about what Lucy is going through each night? What is he not sharing with anyone?

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The Devil’s Hour is on Prime Video on Friday, Oct. 28.