Will The Devil’s Hour release weekly or is it a binge-watch?

The Devil's Hour -- Courtesy of Amazon
The Devil's Hour -- Courtesy of Amazon /

The Devil’s Hour premieres on Prime Video tonight. Will all episodes arrive at once, or is this another series with a weekly release schedule?

It’s time for a creepy series, just in time for Halloween. The question for many is whether all episodes are dropping in time, or if this is another show with a weekly release schedule.

The Devil’s Hour focuses on a woman who keeps waking up at 3:33 a.m. every morning. She’s losing time, her mother talks to an empty chair, her son is acting strangely, and she has some sort of connection to a nomad who has been arrested. What is going on? You’ll want to check out the whole series to understand it.

The Devil’s Hour release schedule

There is some good news for those who love to binge-watch a show. All six episodes of the series are set to drop at once on Prime Video tonight. You’ll be able to stream by midnight, but there is a good chance the episodes will drop earlier. This is a global original series, after all.

It’s not 100% clear if this series has been billed as a miniseries or not. It comes from the man behind Dracula and Sherlock. We know that one was a limited series, while the other was developed into extra seasons. The Devil’s Hour could go either way at this point.

Unless clearly a miniseries, the UK doesn’t tend to share the plans. This helps storytellers craft new ideas if there is something within the series, but it also allows them to craft just a one-season storyline if that’s all they want to tell. There are times that renewals happen years later as storytellers come up with something new and as the high-profile stars are available.

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The Devil’s Hour is on Prime Video tonight.