How many episodes are in The Peripheral Season 1?

Gary Carr, Chloe Grace Moretz on The Peripheral on Prime Video
Gary Carr, Chloe Grace Moretz on The Peripheral on Prime Video /

The Peripheral Season 1 has begun on Prime Video. This is a series with a weekly release, so you’ll need to know the episode count for the finale date.

If you loved the book by William Gibson, you’ll want to check out the new Amazon series. The first episode of The Peripheral is now available to stream on Prime Video.

The story follows Flynne Fisher, a woman who helps out her brother by doing his job in the virtual world. However, it turns out the world isn’t as virtual as it initially seems to be. What if the world is actually Flynne’s world just 75 years into the future?

When she witnesses a murder in the world, she finds her own life on the line. She needs to figure out who the murderer is and what this whole conspiracy is before the bad guys catch up to her and her brother. Then there’s the man she needs to help in the future, who is helping her survive events that haven’t happened to her yet.

The Peripheral Season 1 episode count

The series is being released weekly, and it is one episode per week. This isn’t like The Boys or The Lord of the Rings, which saw the first three episodes drop at once. You’ll definitely need to know how many episodes are in The Peripheral Season 1 to know when the finale will air.

There are eight episodes in the first season. This is pretty standard for a Prime Video show. In fact, it’s pretty standard for a streaming show. The shorter season allows for storylines to remain tight and focused.

The finale will air on Friday, Dec. 9. With any hope, we’ll find out before then if the series has been officially renewed or not.

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The Peripheral Season 1 airs Fridays on Prime Video.