Upload Season 3 is not coming in September 2022

Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios
Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios /

We would love to see what’s next for Nathan and Nora, but there is a wait on our hands. When will Upload Season 3 come to Prime Video?

It took some time, but Amazon eventually confirmed that Upload Season 3 was a go. The great news is that Greg Daniels had a feeling the show would be renewed, so he already had the writers at work.

That doesn’t mean we’re getting the episodes right away. Upload Season 3 is not on the list of September releases. We need to wait just a little bit longer for the episodes to arrive on Prime Video. Just how long is that wait going to be?

When will Upload Season 3 come to Prime Video?

We start with some good news. Filming is happening. Robbie Amell shared a photo with Andy Allo on Instagram to give us this update. This is the way we found out filming was happening for Season 2, too.

It’s not clear how long filming will take this year. For Season 2, filming started in January and wrapped in April. However, there were only seven episodes. There’s hope that we’ll get more episodes in Season 3 as the pandemic isn’t causing as many problems. Of course, this will mean a longer filming period and a longer post-production process.

Midgard Times does say that filming is expected to wrap in November. This would suggest a short season again, which will be disappointing for the fans. It just wasn’t long enough, especially with 30-minute episodes.

It’s the post-production that causes the biggest delay due to all the futuristic graphics. That does push us into 2023 at the earliest for Upload Season 3. We’re looking at the summer at least, but we’ll probably have to wait until the fall. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on filming updates from Amell to see what’s going on.

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Upload is available to stream on Prime Video.