Is Upload Season 3 coming to Prime Video in 2022?

Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios
Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios /

We’re certain that Upload Season 3 is going to happen. Now we just need to know when. Could we see the season arrive on Prime Video in 2022?

Before getting into this, we need to make one thing clear. At the time of writing this, Upload Season 3 isn’t confirmed. We’re sure it’s going to happen, though. Writing has already started without the confirmation.

This means we can look at when the season could arrive. Is it possible that we could see two seasons of the same show in 2022? It’s probably not going to happen with this series.

Upload Season 3 is likely to arrive in 2023

Upload is a series with a long post-production time frame. We just have to look at the fact that Space Force Season 2 was filmed after Upload Season 2 and yet it premiered first. This is because of the graphics that are needed for the digital afterlife dramedy.

Even if filming could happen right now, we’d be looking at almost a year of post-production work. It’s just not feasibly possible to bring the new season in 2022. After all, we’re not expecting filming to start for some time, especially since we still need confirmation that the third season is going to happen!

Filming could start sometime in the summer or fall. It would take a few months to complete, so it would be possible to start the post-production work by the end of 2022. With a 10-month post-production process or so, we’re probably looking at the end of 2023 at the earliest for the third season.

We hopefully won’t need to wait almost two years again! There isn’t a pandemic to cause a major problem with filming delays this time.

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Upload is available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Upload Season 3.