What is Cosmic Love about?

Cosmic Love -- Courtesy of Amazon
Cosmic Love -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Cosmic Love is the newest dating series coming to Prime Video. What is the season about? What’s the twist in the search for love?

It seems like every network and streaming service is searching for a way into the dating world. They want to offer dating shows for those obsessed with people looking for love. ABC has Bachelor Nation while Netflix has brought Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. It’s not surprising to see Prime Video put some focus on the genre.

Recently, we’ve seen Lovestruck High and The One That Got Away. Now it’s time for another dating series with a twist. Cosmic Love is coming to Prime Video tonight. Of course, it needs to offer something different to everything else out there, bbut what is that?

What is Cosmic Love about?

This series is putting some focus on astrology. Have you ever looked at the charts that say whether certain signs are compatible? Of course, you have. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you’ve likely looked at what your own star sign is and who you’re most likely going to match with just to waste some time in the doctor’s waiting room.

Well, the series is about to put astrology to the test. Can it be relied on to find the perfect match? Four singles will head into the Astro Chamber to find out.

The four singles represent an element each. They’ll then mix and mingle with others coming in to see who they form connections with and whether they are a good match for the future. The question is whether astrology means anything in the dating world. Even if it means nothing, we get to see four singles on the search to find love.

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Do you think astrology plays a part in finding love? What do you think of Cosmic Love? Share your thoughts on the new series in the comments below.

Cosmic Love is on Prime Video on Friday, Aug. 12.