A League of Their Own is coming to Prime Video tonight

League of Their Own -- Courtesy of Prime Video
League of Their Own -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

A League of Their Own TV series has been in development for some time. It’s finally time to see what the series is all about on Prime Video.

When we learned there would be an adaptation of the 1990s movie A League of Their Own, we felt a mixture of apprehension and excitement. After all, the movie is a favorite among many. Was the series really necessary?

Well, we think it is, and it’s more than worth the wait. The episodes will drop tonight on Prime Vidoe. The official release time is midnight GMT on Friday, Aug. 12. There’s a good chance we’ll see it drop early in North America. This could mean a release today at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. There’s no guarantee of this, but we do see these earlier releases happen more often than they don’t.

What is A League of Their Own about?

The series is based on the same storyline from the movie. It picks up during World War II, where a team of female baseball players are proving that they can play the sport…and they can play it well. They travel the country, which is changing rapidly with the war happening around them.

While the movie was great, it did suffer from the lack of time to explore some of the characters. This is something the TV series is going to fix. There’s a chance to learn more about the individuals, including what drives them into proving they are excellent ball players.

There is also more time to focus on the social issues of the time. While the States are changing, there’s still a lot of racism and sexism around.

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What did you think of the 1990s movies? What do you hope is included in the TV series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

A League of Their Own is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Aug. 12.