Will Bodies Bodies Bodies come to Amazon?

Bodies Bodies Bodies, courtesy A24
Bodies Bodies Bodies, courtesy A24 /

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the latest horror comedy out in theaters. Is it going to be a movie that comes to Prime Video? What about on Amazon Instant Video?

There’s nothing better than a horror comedy. It gives us a chance to laugh at a genre that’s normally made to send us hiding behind the couch. The great news is there’s a new release out in theaters.

Bodies Bodies Bodies focuses on a group of wealthy friends who head out to a party game. It’s supposed to be a night of fun at a remote family member, but it’s about to take a turn for the worse. There’s a murderer at the party, and anyone can end up the victim.

Is Bodies Bodies Bodies coming to Prime Video?

It’s important to look at the production studio to see if the movie is going to head to Prime Video. This is an A24 movie, which doesn’t have one standard streaming platform. Some of the movies in the past have headed to Prime Video.

It means we need to keep an eye on the plans for it. There is a chance that we’ll get to watch it for free. However, Hulu tends to be a popular destination for A24 movies, too.

Bodies Bodies Bodies will come to Amazon Video

The new movie is going to head to Digital. That’s the usual case for A24 movies, although there isn’t a guaranteed time frame of release. There is some good news when it comes to Bodies Bodies Bodies on Digital.

You’ll be able to buy the movie on Amazon Instant Video. It is then added to your Amazon Library, which makes it possible to watch whenever you want. You only pay the once, so you’re not signing up for a streaming service.

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Bodies Bodies Bodies is coming to theaters this week.