Paper Girls is coming to Prime Video tonight

Paper Girls -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Paper Girls -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Are you ready for the Amazon adaptation of Paper Girls? The wait is almost over. The full season drops on Prime Video tonight.

We’ve waited three years for the Paper Girls adaptation to come to Prime Video. That wait is almost over, with the release happening tonight. As a global original, it’s going to arrive at midnight GMT tonight. That’s great news for those of us in North America.

With time zones on our side, we often get these originals a little earlier than stated. Look out for the release at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT tonight. There isn’t any guarantee of it happening, but we usually get the episodes a few hours before midnight. If the episodes aren’t there early, they will be made available at midnight local at the latest.

What is Paper Girls about?

What is this new series about? Well, it follows the graphic novels of the same name. Paper Girls follows four 12-year-olds who all deliver papers in the local area. They’re not the best of friends, but they’ll soon have to put all their differences to one side.

What is supposed to be a normal Halloween turns into something they never thought possible. They find themselves caught in a time war, pulling them forward in time where they meet their adult selves. With the help of their adult selves, they need to find a way back to their own time period.

There’s a problem, though. Time travel has been outlawed by an organization that is desperate to remain in power. The tweens are now in danger of being executed, and of course, their adult selves won’t want that. Can they get back to their own time before it’s too late?

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Paper Girls is coming to Prime Video tonight.