What happened to Chloe Fairbourne in Chloe Season 1?

Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Chloe Season 1 finale wrapped up the story of Chloe Fairbourne’s last night. What did happen to her, and why did she call Becky?

When Becky learned Chloe Fairbourne tried calling her twice on the night she died, Becky made it her mission to find out what happened to her childhood best friend. Had she really killed herself, or did someone else do it? Why would someone she hadn’t spoken to in years make her the last person she called?

It all came out in the last two episodes of Chloe Season 1. Watching the tapes, Becky realized that Chloe was scared of something. She had a chance to escape, and she used it. Initially, she went to her parents, but Chloe had another destination in mind. She needed to call Becky.

As Becky got closer to the truth, she realized that she was also in danger. Getting into bed with Elliot Fairbourne was a terrible idea, and not because she was starting to lose herself in the identity she created.

What happened in the Chloe Season 1 finale?

It turned out that Elliot was abusive. Chloe was planning her escape, and that night she died was the night she nearly did it. When she realized she couldn’t get a taxi to where she wanted to, she opted for her parents’ house. However, her parents didn’t listen to her when she asked them not to tell Elliot where she was. They didn’t realize that Elliot was abusive.

In the end, Chloe couldn’t go back to the life of being a victim. After Becky didn’t pick up, Chloe killed herself. Becky does imagine a time that she answered the call and picked Chloe up. It was just a daydream, but it was enough to see what could have happened had Chloe been able to get through to her one-time friend.

Livia refused to believe that Elliot was abusive at first. Richard knew and believed Chloe, but he didn’t do anything to get Chloe out. He tried to kill himself because of the guilt, and in a way, trying to force Becky out was a way to protect Becky from Elliot. Eventually, Becky was able to get a recording to Elliot’s abuse and outburst, but this was after her identity was revealed. It was enough for Becky to leak it online so Elliot’s life was ruined.

Livia and Becky came to an understanding. It was enough for the two of them to part on mutual terms, and Livia would have to live with the knowledge that the friend she kept protecting was a bad guy. Would she eventually cut him out, or would she keep him in her life? We’re left with a few questions about some of the characters, but we know Becky was able to close a chapter on her life and move forward.

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