What is Chloe on Prime Video about?

Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Chloe Season 1 arrives on Prime Video at the end of the week. Need to know what it’s about before watching? Here’s everything to know right now.

If you’re looking for a psychological thriller, Prime Video has a few options. There’s a new one dropping at the end of the week. It comes from the UK, and this is a global release on Prime Video except for the UK and Ireland. That’s because it will air on networks over there.

The series stars Erin Doherty who is best known for playing Princess Anne in the third and fourth seasons of The Crown on Netflix. She also played Fabienne in Les Miserables on BBC (and PBS Masterpiece) and was in one episode of Call the Midwife.

Doherty is the lead of the new thriller. Here’s what we know about the show so far.

Chloe Season 1 synopsis

The series follows Becky Green, who isn’t happy with her own life. She is obsessed with the online presence of her childhood best friend Chloe Fairbourne. That obsession is about to go past a little harmless cyber watching.

When she finds out that Chloe has died unexpectedly, Becky decides it’s time to infiltrate Chloe’s friend group. Becky wants to know everything she can about her childhood best friend now, but she can’t do it as herself. She takes on an alter ego called Sasha.

Sasha is everything Becky isn’t. She’s a powerful, transgressive heroine, and she’s about to be the most popular person around. However, Becky starts to confuse reality for her fantasy world. While doing that, she realizes that the online presence isn’t everything that it’s made out to be. What happens when Becky starts to lose herself in the fantasy she creates?

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Chloe is coming to Prime Video on Friday, June 24.