The One That Got Away is coming to Prime Video tonight

The One That Got Away -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The One That Got Away -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Prime Video is bringing another reality show focused on people searching for love. The One That Got Away is going to be available to stream tonight.

It is time for another reality show. Watching people look for love seems to be the highlight of the week for many. We’ll watch the likes of 90 Day FianceThe BachelorLove Is Blind, and more. Prime Video is getting into the market, first with Lovestruck High and now with The One That Got Away.

The series will drop in full tonight. It’s a global original, which means it’s going to arrive at midnight GMT on Friday, June 24. This is great news for those of us in North America. We’ll get to watch the series at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, June 23, as long as Prime Video sticks to making time zones work in our favor.

What is The One That Got Away about?

We all meet people throughout the years who could have been “The One.” What if they were the perfect soul mate and it was a case of “right person, wrong time?” Or what if we never really got to know them as it was a chance encounter with a stranger?

That’s something this series explores. Six singles will meet people from their pasts. Some will be high school crushes, while others are going to be those strangers who made an impression for five minutes and then they both moved on. Not everyone is going to immediately recognize or know the people from their past because, well, isn’t that how life works?

If you want a summer of watching people find love, this is a series that will help offer you that.

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The One That Got Away is coming to Prime Video tonight.