Chloe is coming to Prime Video tonight

Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Chloe -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Are you ready for another twisty thriller? Chloe is a British thriller ready to draw us in, and you can watch all episodes on Prime Video tonight.

If you’re a fan of British thrillers, you’ll usually turn to the likes of BritBox and Acorn TV for content. Prime Video has a series worth checking out this week.

All episodes of the series will drop on Friday, June 24. This is worldwide except for the UK and Ireland, which may affect the usual release times. We usually see episodes drop at midnight GMT, meaning a slightly earlier release in North America.

It is still possible we’ll get to see all episodes at around 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, June 24. It’s also possible that the release will be held for midnight ET/9 p.m. PT. This is something we’ll only know on the day of release. Prime Video isn’t as consistent with timings as most of the other streaming platforms, but usually releases content earlier than expected in North America.

What is Chloe about?

The series is going to be worth waiting for. It’s all about how perfect lives can look on social media, but that the reality is something very different.

We start with Becky, who is obsessed with her childhood friend Chloe. Becky follows her on social media all the time, and she thinks she has a way in when her friend suddenly dies. Becky takes on the alter ego Sasha and infiltrates Chloe’s friend group.

From there, Sasha realizes that not everything is as it seems on social media. There’s also a mystery surrounding the death of the influencer. Can Becky get to the bottom of it all without completely losing herself to her alter ego?

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Check out the new series Chloe on Prime Video by midnight local on Friday, June 24.