Can Soldier Boy take down Homelander in The Boys?

The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The vigilantes may be able to level the playing field, but not in the way everyone wants. Will Soldier Boy be their key to destroying Homelander in The Boys?

Now that Soldier Boy is out, it’s time to see what he can do. Well, it’s apparently a lot.

In the most recent episode of The Boys, Soldier Boy headed out on a revenge mission. His first stop was Crimson Countess. As soon as Butcher realized that, he got ready to help. You see, he doesn’t like any Supe, but he wants to take down Homelander more than anything. If that means working with the enemy temporarily, then so be it.

Hughie also wants to get rid of Homelander as a threat. He’s willing to take the temporary Compound-V, but he is also willing to work with the enemy to get to another enemy. Starlight and Mother’s Milk aren’t happy that Butcher and Hughie are going to trust Soldier Boy.

Will Soldier Boy take out Homelander in The Boys?

We’ve seen that Soldier Boy’s new abilities include completely destroying buildings and removing powers. Crimson Countess is gone for good, but Kimiko has learned that she no longer has her powers. She’s normal, and she’s currently happy about it.

The two ways of Soldier Boy dealing with situations offer hope for the fight against Homelander. It is possible that Soldier Boy could remove Homelander as a threat by taking away his powers. This would be more likely then outright killing the guy. Homelander is on the more immortal side, a little like Kimiko, so we could see Soldier Boy’s abilities to take out Homelander’s powers.

By neutralizing Homelander, it would mean Butcher and Hughie could take him down once and for all.

This is if Soldier Boy even wants to take out Homelander. Right now, the Supe is out for revenge against those who sold him out to the Russians. Will he also take out Homelander to become the next captain of The Seven? Could he end up working with Homelander instead?

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