What happened to the Crimson Countess in The Boys Season 3?

The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Soldier Boy went to see the Crimson Countess in The Boys Season 3, Episode 5. Was it to make up, or was he there to kill?

We’ve learned over the last few episodes that Crimson Countess and Soldier Boy were together. When Soldier Boy was taken by the Russians, Crimson Countess managed to live on. She’s paid tribute to him ever since, claiming that he died in 1984.

Well, it turns out that the death was a big lie. Crimson Countess knew what had happened to her lover, and that wasn’t just because she was there when it all went down. She turned Soldier Boy over to the Russians, and now Soldier Boy has found out.

Soldier Boy kills Crimson Countess in The Boys

It wasn’t that surprising to find out that Soldier Boy was out for revenge. He got his old suit and paid his former flame a visit. He was hurt by her betrayal, but it looked like he was willing to hear her out. Would she repent for her actions?

Not at all. Crimson Countess made it clear that she had no remorse. She never loved Soldier Boy. She hated him, and so did the rest of Payback.

Hearing that, Soldier Boy used his new powers and killed Crimson Countess in a huge explosion. It was extremely easy considering Butcher had already tied her up and covered her hands so she couldn’t make them touch to use her own powers.

Now Soldier Boy is off to get revenge on others, although it’s not clear who the next individual will be. Will it be Black Noir since he was once part of Payback?

Butcher and Hughie have also joined with Soldier Boy. This Supe is the only one powerful enough to take Homelander down. Will Soldier Boy do The Boys’ dirty work, or will he betray them at some point?

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What did you think of Soldier Boy’s decision to go after Crimson Countess? Can Butcher trust him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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