Why did Victoria turn to Homelander for Compound-V in The Boys?

The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

We know Victoria is all about survival in The Boys. That’s why she’s chosen Homelander, but why did she need him for Compound-V?

For a long time, Victoria (also known as Nadia) has done the work of Stan Edgar. She’s been his pawn, but that has come to an end. She chose Homelander when it came to Stan’s requests to speak out against the Supe.

This is a matter of survival. Homelander knows where Victoria lives. He also knows the best way to get her to work with him: threaten her daughter. However, Victoria had one request to work for Homelander and not for her father.

She wanted Compound-V, and we saw her use it on her daughter, Zoe. It’s easy to understand why she chose to use it. After all, she wants to keep Zoe safe, but why did she have to turn to Homelander for this?

Why didn’t Stan Edgar get the Compound-V in The Boys?

Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Stan Edgar to grab some Compound-V for his daughter? After all, it would have been very easy for the head of Vought to get his hands on the stuff. Wouldn’t it also make sense for Victoria’s daughter to be a Supe?

This suggests one of two things. Either Victoria didn’t feel all that threatened at first, or Stan knows that there was a huge risk. It’s likely the latter.

Stan knows that the abilities Supes get from the Compound-V aren’t guaranteed. They can be some highly questionable abilities, making it difficult for the individuals to live normally or do any “good” for the world.

On top of that, Stan sees what most of the Supes have become. They’re not good people, at all. Is it possible that he just wants to keep Zoe out of that world, even if it meant putting her at risk?

What will the outcome of the Compound-V be? Will Victoria wish she never injected her daughter after all?

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